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The Crystal Coast Business community is aware of changes already taking place where we live AND work: temperatures are rising, storms are more intense, flooding happens more often and is more extensive, new roads are opening, and there’s a housing shortage, to name a few!

  • What action is needed now?
  • What what will it take to get the transformative solutions our coastal communities need?
  • How we can build a community of resilient businesses protected against climate-related damage, disruptions, and closures?

Let’s leverage our situational savvy and our economic and environmental perspectives to help create innovative solutions for the challenges we face.

🗓️  Date: March 15th, 2024
⏰  Time: 1 – 3 PM
📍  Place: Train Depot in Morehead City, NC

Join us to:

  • Discover business community challenges related to heat and water-related coastal issues
  • Explore eastern NC’s economic and environmental/biodiversity vulnerability and vitality
  • Learn about existing blue economy innovations in our area
  • Leave with a list of business community needs/wants for achieving climate-compatible, future-focused, transformative coastal communities

After leaving the Business Forum, you may have an idea that could be worth $500! Remember to submit to SSNC’s $500 Coastal Ideas Challenge before April 11th.

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Crystal Coast & the Blue Economy Business Forum

March 15th at the train depot in Morehead City, NC. See you there!
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